An Auto Accident Can Cause Delayed Injuries

Cars can drive at fast speeds that are not noticed by the driver due to various forces of motion. However, when a car accident occurs, the car can come to a stop rather quickly. The body, however, does not do so as quickly. Often, a sudden stop caused by car accident can push the body at high speeds, causing it to jerk and turn in ways that it was not meant to do. This can cause severe damage to the body, even in accidents that did not damage the vehicle much. Damage to the soft tissue of the neck and back are very common in automobile accidents. These damages can cause long lasting pain that can severely impair a person’s daily life. Fortunately, an auto accident doctor orlando can help in these situations.

Unfortunately, many people who have these damaging accidents do not realize they are injured and do not immediately seek medical help. When an accident occurs, the body releases chemicals to protect itself. This chemical is commonly known as adrenaline. This adrenaline rush that occurs after such an accident can often cause a person to not feel pain. When the adrenaline wears off, the person may feel extreme pain from these injuries. Sometimes, injuries can occur that have no symptoms until they become a serious issue. Damage done to deep tissues and organs can sometimes go completely unnoticed. For example, a herniated disc may not be identified until numbness or pain during used is noticed much later. Internal bleeding and blood clots can often occur with no pain at all.

Whenever there is a car accident, even an accident that has little damage to the car, the person should be checked out by a doctor to ensure there are no injuries. A whiplash dr orlando understands the damage a car accident can do. They can identify problems and look for issues that can pose problems in the future. This can allow the patient to get treatment immediately. In addition, it can also be important to get treatment for insurance purposes. Many insurance companies will not pay for medical care after a specific period following a car accident. It is important to identify the problem immediately or risk paying for care out-of-pocket.